Saturday, 6 June 2009

Here We Go, Here We Go, Here we Go Again!

I realize how long it has been since a good blog. My good friend Kandice Campbell (aren't we cute together??) came over last night to laugh at stories, giggle about memories, dream about the future, and complain about my blog.
I promised her that I would blog that night - but unfortunately I became distracted when I realized that my family didn't know the show "Top Gear". I felt educating my family was more important. Then this morning I came back from a few hours of errands to find another dear friend had posted on my facebook, wondering about my blog.
So I finally took the hint and decided to blog once again. The problem now is - what do I blog about? I have this same problem when I get behind in my journal, do I try and catch my journal up or do I start recording the present so I don't lose any details? 
This is a question I have often thought about. 
Since I don't know where to start and what to blog about I will ask all of you. I will offer you three choices of potential blogs and ask you to leave a comment voting for your favorite one. Which ever has the most votes (or any votes) by tomorrow evening will get a nice fat blog!

The Choices:
b. Favorite Memories of France and Romania
c. 21st Birthday Bash

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Can't get up..

I am having one of those mornings where it took me far to long to wake up, and it took nature's urgent tug to even get me out of bed. But once everything was back in order and comfortable I went back to bed, still hitting the snooze every 5 minutes. Calculating what make-up i don't need to put on, the easiest way to do my hair so it doesn't look like bedhead. Trying to figure every way possible to stay exactly as I am.

Now I am reclining in bed, blogging, and yet I have to be off to church in less than 20 minutes. Still in my pajamas, teeth unbrushed, but I just can't seem to get up. 

Hopefully the hour long drive to church will wake me up so I don't fall back asleep on the pew. That would definitely be noticed, embarrassing, and mocked for eternity.... 

Monday, 27 April 2009

A Tough Day

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face. I was finally able to sleep in and got up at a very lazy 7:45 AM. I walked around upstairs doing odds and ends for a bit before going downstairs to find i had missed a phone call the night before from my mum. She called to lay down the line and demand (in a very nice way) that I book my ticket back to Utah. I don't think I would have been able to do it but she suggested that I book it as a return ticket so I can fly back to Boston to start our Westward-Ho Cross Country Trip.

I got on and found my skymiles number. After a while I had found an itinerary that worked and cashed in the last of my skymiles - I figured they would expire before my mission was up anyway. The first itinerary I tried had me leaving on my birthday May 25 but that didn't feel right. The next itinerary tried May 24 but if i couldn't go to church that day there wasn't a real need to stay that long. I know my sister and brother-in-law desire this chance to live away from home and family and learn to depend on each other more, but for me it feels like giving up home. I finally decided on May 21. 

Most everyone won't understand my hesitation to go back to Utah. Its sometimes hard for me to understand it. But somehow in the last 2 years Massachusetts has become my home. Yesterday I tried to call my family and I dialed the wrong number. I had to look up the number - the same number I have had since I was 3. But then today at the mechanic I was able to rattle off my MA home number - a number I have only called once or twice. Also my GPS didn't survive the winter, but amazingly I haven't gotten lost yet. I finally know my way around and can get almost anywhere just by instinct. 

So what makes a home a home? Is it the location? I certainly have fallen in love with the ocean, lighthouses, rolling hills, dense colorful forests, winding streets, and cranberry fields. I laugh every time I almost run over a wild turkey and I tear up every time I see the sun set over Boston from the town of Hull. But Utah has its mountains, forests, and wildlife too so perhaps it isnt location.

It must be the people then. I love New Englanders with their "sour" ways. You will never find a people more devoted to their families, who work all their lives in whatever way they can to pass on whatever aid they can to their kids. The members here have gone beyond fellowship, I feel as if I have been adopted by more than one family. The YSA are terrific and when I came back on Thursday as soon as I was back with the YSA at Institute and flying kites in the park I felt as if I had never left. But my real family is in Utah, and I have old friends there too, so maybe it isn't always the people that make a place a home.

As I was sitting on the break wall at Cohasset beach tonight I was thinking of all this. Wondering how I could ever leave places and sights like Minot's Light and Fort Revere and knowing that only the call of the Lord, only a mission could entice me. I think the reason Massachusetts has become my home is because of my roots. I inherited lots of genes and qualities from my mum, but I am a Doggett through and through. I look around and I feel the tug of my ancestors, I can feel their attachment to this land, their love of these people and it becomes my own. Here where Doggetts have lived for generations, here is my home. 

Austria... hmm not much to say

So after Jack Jack (my cousin Jackie) and I had our fun in Edinburgh, London, and Oxford we made our way to the Stanstead Airport to fly to Austria. THe bus ride was almost 4 hours long and when we got to the airport we found that the 'amazing' Ryan Airlines had as customary, raised some hidden fee which meant we had to pay 15 pounds just to check in to our flight. The lines were so long to pay the extra last minute fees that we thought we were going to miss our flight. There were 2 German girls in front of us calling home on their cell phones and sobbing as they explained they had missed their flight and were stuck in England. They didn't help ease the tension of the line. Once we were through that barrier we ran through security and made a mad dash to the gate - about 1.5 miles away. It was Casino Royal style slipping and sliding around and between people. We made it with what seemed like seconds to spare. 

Once we got to Austria we weren't in the best mood because we were mad about the extra fees, sweaty from our sprint, and as we looked outside the plane window at Salzburg, it looked like Heber, Utah to us. Not to mention they were fertilizing all the fields with cow manure which wafted over the city and infiltrated every corner. All in all not what we were expecting. 

To make a long 3 day trip short the best part of Salzburg was our hotel - NH Carlton which was cheaper than a shared hostel room because of the time of year. Otherwise everything was expensive, touristy, or closed. We did find in the bottom of our hotel there was a sauna. We booked ourselves for a nice 1.5 hour session. 

When we left we found that Ryan Air had change their policy (again) in the last 48 hours and we now had to pay another fee - just doubled this time. Luckily this was our only experience with Ryan Air. This was just one of those airport experiences that leaves everything to be desired. 

Monday, 20 April 2009

Reflections on a spunky friend

Good news - I have finally made it back to the Prague Airport!!! I lost my passport while in Romania and thought i would have to stay an extra day or two (its a great country but i was more than ready to head home to Massachusetts) but turns out that it wasn't stolen it just fell out of my bag at the airport and someone turned it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a miracle and a blessing, God has really been looking out for me.
Anyways, being back in the Czech Republic means that internet access is much easier to come by so I stopped in a cafe, bought a hot chocolate, and sat down to catch up on the world. After reading some of my favorite blogs I was inspired to write a memory i have of my amazing friend Robyn Brough who will be reporting to the MTC tomorrow to go to France on her mission.
One night during her freshman year of college a bunch of old high school friends got together for some fun times. I don't really remember what we did but I do remember that I was able to give Robyn a lift back to her dorm at Heritage Halls, BYU since I was living in a townhouse nearby at the time.
Robyn is one of those girls who you could see as the next Sister Hinckley or Sister Monson. Beautiful, smart, fun, and with a sweet spirit and rock solid testimony. As it was just us in the car we started talking about a secret desire we have always had to do something illegal. Nothing terrible of course because we usually toe the line (her more than I) and anything too bad would make us feel absolutely terrible.
I was driving a VW Cabrio (Rabbit) Convertable - the ultimate high school car - and realized as I was dropping her off that the sidewalks at Heritage Halls are wider than the width of my car. Suddenly I knew we could do it, we could live on the wild side. I quickly drove up on the sidewalk and kept driving to her apartment. As silly as it was we felt it was a rush :) I told her that if any BYU police pulled me over I would explain that it wasn't polite to make a lady walk to her door so late and that we were driving on the sidewalks in the name of safety. The fun part was watching the reactions we got from the boys and girls that wanted to still be together even though it was past curfew so they had to wait outside - especially when i had to reverse around a couple corners to get back out.
Robyn I know you won't read this but i think you're great! Good Luck!!!

A Translyvanian Tale

Alright guys this one has got to be quick because I think my Romanian dinner is almost done being cooked in the other room but i couldn't resist - internet is really hard to come by in this country!
So a few days ago I was traveling in Translivania, a region in Romania. It was in the evening and we had just left a palace in the mountains and walked back to our rental car. I made the joke about feeling ready to drive (it is a manuel and I only had 1 short lesson - they let me drive about 5 feet). Not only do i not really know how but i am not on the insurance since I am only 20 but they jokingly gave me the keys to see what i would do - silly people.
Of course i took the keys and started the car. I put it into reverse and slowly backed out of our parking spot in the empty lot. I then tried to get it into 1st gear. It took a few tries, probably 3 or 4 but then i started going. That was when they realized they didn't teach me what happened next and so they started freaking out that I was actually driving the car. Right at the moment when they were freaking out about my amazing manuel skills ;) I started freaking out because right in front of me crossing the road was a bear!!
Honest to goodness it was a bear! In the middle of the night in Translyvania! It wasn't too worried about me because it was being chased by 2 mean dogs but it didn't move all that quickly either. I think it was considering if it would be safer inside the car with us. We were all so stunded we just sat there in the stalled car waiting to see what it would do and debating the safest way to photograph this epic event.
Eventually the bear, and the dogs, went on their way and I felt safe enough to move back to the backseat where i will be staying from here on out in Romania!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

So I promised I would Blog...

So many things have happened lately that I just haven't had the time to blog. It has gotten to the point where life is moving so fast that I can either spend my time recording my memories or spend it making even more new ones. Its already past 1 am here but I will just give the list of things going on lately to explain my poor blogging behavior.

Since my last blog i have traveled to:
Salzburg, Austria
Vilnius, Lithuania
Prague, Czech Republic
And all over France!!

I also received my mission call this weekend and have spend all day spreading the wonderful news (i would post it here on my blog but I would like to personally tell as many people as i can whether that's through phone calls, text messages, e-mails, or facebook messages - before I post it for everyone and anyone to see - - but it will be up soon I promise!! And if you want to know in the meantime just leave a comment on the blog and i would love to e-mail you all the details)

In addition, my mum is on her way to visit me in England so I have to prepare for that while moving out of my flat (my lease is up on Tuesday so I hope to have most everything moved to Mum's hotel room in London by tomorrow night) while also preparing and packing for an amazing trip to Romania with some friends for which I leave on Wednesday so we can truly experience the Orthodox Easter Sunday! 

With such a full plate it may be a day or two (or more) before I can start to really blog up my life and travels BUT  for all those of you eagerly waiting - there is hope in sight. I move back to Massachusetts on April 23 and have made sure to leave open plenty of time for such activities.

Well until next blog whenever it may be I love you all!!