Saturday, 6 June 2009

Here We Go, Here We Go, Here we Go Again!

I realize how long it has been since a good blog. My good friend Kandice Campbell (aren't we cute together??) came over last night to laugh at stories, giggle about memories, dream about the future, and complain about my blog.
I promised her that I would blog that night - but unfortunately I became distracted when I realized that my family didn't know the show "Top Gear". I felt educating my family was more important. Then this morning I came back from a few hours of errands to find another dear friend had posted on my facebook, wondering about my blog.
So I finally took the hint and decided to blog once again. The problem now is - what do I blog about? I have this same problem when I get behind in my journal, do I try and catch my journal up or do I start recording the present so I don't lose any details? 
This is a question I have often thought about. 
Since I don't know where to start and what to blog about I will ask all of you. I will offer you three choices of potential blogs and ask you to leave a comment voting for your favorite one. Which ever has the most votes (or any votes) by tomorrow evening will get a nice fat blog!

The Choices:
b. Favorite Memories of France and Romania
c. 21st Birthday Bash


  1. I'd like to hear about France and Romania. But... I realize I'm too late in leaving my vote, so it can be ignored if you wish. :)

  2. Travel for sure!!! But if you want to throw in a id bit about the birthday bash I will be all the more happy:) And I love that the picture of us we both look like we are high! But love, love LOVE that color on you!!! Here is to dreams about the future!!

  3. all three all three all three! :)

  4. so...probably not going to get one last one in there before you leave, eh? :(